Elevating Your Science with a Wide Range of SSNMR Accessories



PMAS Speed Controller
Phoenix MAS Speed Controller

Take Control of your spinning with the PMAS Controller.

Low Gamma Accessory
Low Gamma Probe Accessory

Phoenix HXY, HX, and MAS-DNP probes can all be tuned as low as 8 MHz* with the low gamma accessory. *Smaller rotor modules and high magnetic fields may not tune quite as low. Request a probe quote for details.

Phoenix MAS Rotors
Phoenix Rotors and Sample-Handling Tools

From sample kits for air-sensitive and biomolecular samples, to tools for sample packing and rotor kits, Phoenix supplies the sample-handling tools you need.


More accessories are available and coming soon to the website: High-power filters, add-on kits for closely-spaced nuclei (such as 17O/2H), and VT accessories.