Phoenix MAS-DNP NMR Probe

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) signal-enhancement capability is now available in combination with innovative Phoenix Solid-State NMR (SSNMR) probe technology to expand the scope and sensitivity of biomolecular and materials SSNMR research at 400-600 MHz. The new Phoenix MAS-DNP NMR probe system utilizes the same robust, professional design strategy that scientists have come to expect in all Phoenix SSNMR probes and accessories.

Phoenix DNP probe and equipment
PhoenixNMR MAS-DNP probe system, showing: a) PhoenixNMR WB HFXY probe, b) PhoenixNMR MAS speed controller, c) PhoenixNMR cryogenic VT and sample insert/eject controller, d) Bridge12 cryogenic counter-flow heat exchanger. Not shown: 50-liter LN2 Dewar.
Phoenix NMR DNP Enhancement 13C Proline
13C CP/MAS DNP enhancement of 77:1 was measured using a PhoenixNMR 395 GHz/600 MHz DNP HFXY probe fitted with a 2.5 mm spinning module. Sample Temperature = 124 K; MASS = 10 kHz. The sample was prepared using 10 mM AMUPol biradical and “DNP Juice” = d8-Glycerol/H2O/D2O at a 6/3/1 ratio.

Overview of the Phoenix DNP Innovation

  • Add a new Phoenix DNP probe to expand capability on an existing DNP SSNMR instrument; or
  • Add a Turn-key DNP System, including gyrotron, to an existing 9.4 – 14.1 T, Wide-Bore SSNMR instrument, pairing the robust Phoenix NMR probe technology with Bridge12 Technologies components to complete the DNP package;
  • Combine DNP with HFXY and HFX probe configurations;
  • Optional Probe Accessories allow low-gamma nuclei and/or simultaneous H/F operation;
  • Operating Temperature Range is 90 K to 373 K (actual sample temperature is dependent on spinning speed);
  • 2.5 mm MASS Module is available for spinning speeds up to 25 kHz;
  • Insert and Eject Samples In-Situ at cold and warm temperatures;
  • Modest up-front Costs beat other commercially-available DNP probe systems;
  • Unique VT Design minimizes the use of cryogens to dramatically reduce operational costs.
PhoenixNMR DNP Probe Head Back View
PhoenixNMR DNP probe head, showing back of probe with sample insert/eject conduit

Full Phoenix DNP System Includes:

  • Phoenix NMR MAS-DNP wide bore (WB) HFXY or HFX probe including auto sample eject (low-gamma and simultaneous H/F accessories optional);
  • Phoenix NMR MAS speed controller;
  • Phoenix NMR VT cryogenic and sample insert/eject controller;
  • 50-liter LN2 dewar provides about 36 hours of operation at 90 K and can be refilled during operation;
  • Bridge12 Technologies Waveguide utilizing corrugated waveguide sections and a Focusing Lens directed perpendicular to sample coil for maximum DNP efficiency;
  • Bridge12 Technologies Cryogenic counter-flow heat exchanger;
  • Bridge12 Technologies fastwave gyrotron operating at 263 GHz (for 400 MHz instrument) or 395 GHz (for 600 MHz instrument) and controller.
Phoenix DNP probe head showing VT path and waveguide
Phoenix DNP probe utilizes a VT path directed to only the sample area to minimize cryogen use during operation.

Phoenix DNP Probe Performance

Phoenix DNP system Description and Probe Specifications as Downloadable PDF*.

*Probe Performance Specifications are quoted for a Phoenix NMR 395 GHz/600 MHz DNP HFXY probe fitted with a 2.5 mm spinning module, utilizing a Bridge12 Technologies gyrotron, waveguide, and counter-flow heat exchanger. Other hardware configurations may result in different probe performance specifications. Request a quote for detailed specifications.