Variable Temperature NMR Data from Phoenix Probes

These data were all acquired using the same probe body and merely exchanging different spinning modules, using the 207Pb NMR signal from lead nitrate. In all cases, lead nitrate is dispersed across the full sample volume of the rotor (neither extending beyond the coil, nor restricted to a central portion of the coil). Sample temperature data and temperature rise due to spinning were acquired from the same spectra for a given module.

The HXY Premium Probe is typically quoted with a VT range of -125°C to +125°C. The standard VT range for the HX probe is -75°C to +100°C. However, module identity and probe materials can affect the final specified VT range for a given probe.

VT data is available for all spinning modules, 1.2 – 4 mm in size, and coming to the website soon.

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3.2mm MAS 4.0mm MAS Temp rise due to Spinning