“I have worked with the PhoenixNMR team for many years, since they were a SSNMR probe group in Varian and Agilent. We have purchased a variety of MAS NMR probes designed and produced by the team. I have been and remain invariably impressed with their probe products and service. The quality of probe repair and service and the turnaround time have met our most demanding expectations. I also would like to comment on the professionalism and outstanding interactions we have over the years with everyone on the team. My experience has been and remains the most positive and rewarding on all levels, and we look forward to the continued interactions with PhoenixNMR.” Tatyana Polenova, Professor, University of Delaware

David’s Tweet, above, refers to a newly installed PhoenixNMR PMAS Controller and PhoenixNMR 1.2mm HX Probe. Thanks for the tweet, David!

David Halat, Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley