Biosolids Data with Phoenix 900 MHz HFXY Probe*

Aliphatic region of a 2D CC spectrum of 15N, 13C labeled alpha-synuclein protein monomer seeded from a brain tissue sample. The PhoenixNMR 900 MHz HFXY probe* was operated in double resonance mode at MASS = 20 kHz using a PhoenixNMR speed controller (PMAS); mixing time = 250 ms; total time to acquire spectrum = 20 hrs using 4 blocks of 1024 rows each; 8 acquisitions per row; pulse delay = 1.5 s. The pulse sequence utilized 250 ms of CORDxy4 recoupling during the mixing period plus SPINAL decoupling.

*At PhoenixNMR, the HFXY probe configuration is a version of the PhoenixNMR HXY Premium Probe. Virtually any PhoenixNMR probe can be manufactured or upgraded for simultaneous HF operation on the high-band channel. For this data, the HFXY probe was operated in HX mode.

Data courtesy Prof. Chad M. Rienstra, Dr. Marco Tonelli and Dr. Dwaipayan Mukhopadhyay. Data were acquired at the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison ( NMRFAM, @NMRFAM). This 900 MHz SSNMR instrument and probe are available for use at NMRFAM by any scientist worldwide.


900 MHz CC Correlation Data NMRFAM
Full aliphatic region
Expansion of 900 MHZ CC Aliphatic Correlation Data NMRFAM
Expansion of a Near-Diagonal Region of the 2D CC spectrum
Second Expansion of 900 MHZ CC Aliphatic Correlation Data NMRFAM
A second Expansion of a near-diagonal region of the 2D CC Spectrum. Note the excellent lineshape provided by the PhoenixNMR probe demonstrated by both of these expansions.


PhoenixNMR HXY Premium Probe