Phoenix MAS Speed Controller (PMAS)

Precision Speed Control

· Fully compatible with all spinning systems
· Speed detection beyond 180 kHz
· PID teaching mode for non-Phoenix probes
· Bearing and drive automation
· Time stamped data logging for all parameters
· Instant transfer between automated and manual spinning modes
· Simple user updates for new module profiles
· Compact 14″ W X 6″ H X 10″ D instrument quality case

A PhoenixNMR probe and PMAS controller, bundled together, make the upgrade to SSNMR easy and cost effective. With adaptor kits that are specific to each system manufacturer, switching from solutions to solids takes less than 1 hour.

This pneumatic control system includes a touch-screen interface, auto calibration for unknown spin modules (or extreme conditions), and the number of spinning profiles is unlimited. The PMAS controller includes instant switching between manual and auto modes, full automation from start to finish, automated PID tuning, and continuous time-stamped logging of all system parameters.

PMAS Controller, Front View

PMAS Controller, Back View showing Connectors

PMAS Controller Testing: Ramping to 20 kHz and Down with Bruker 3.2 mm Module. Testing Spin Profiles

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