Phoenix MAS-DNP NMR Probe

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) signal-enhancement capability is now available in combination with innovative Phoenix Solid-State NMR (SSNMR) probe technology to expand the scope and sensitivity of biomolecular and materials SSNMR research at 400-600 MHz. The new Phoenix MAS-DNP NMR probe system utilizes the same robust, professional design strategy that scientists have come to expect in all Phoenix SSNMR probes and accessories.

PhoenixNMR MAS-DNP probe system, showing: a) PhoenixNMR WB HFXY probe, b) PhoenixNMR MAS speed controller, c) PhoenixNMR cryogenic VT and sample insert/eject controller, d) Bridge12 cryogenic counter-flow heat exchanger. Not shown: 50-liter LN2 Dewar.

13C CP/MAS DNP enhancement of 77:1 was measured using a PhoenixNMR 395 GHz/600 MHz DNP HFXY probe fitted with a 2.5 mm spinning module. Sample Temperature = 124 K; MASS = 10 kHz. The sample was prepared using 10 mM AMUPol biradical and “DNP Juice” = d8-Glycerol/H2O/D2O at a 6/3/1 ratio.

Overview of the Phoenix DNP Innovation

  • Add a new Phoenix DNP probe to expand capability on an existing DNP SSNMR instrument; or
  • Add a Turn-key DNP System, including gyrotron, to an existing 9.4 – 14.1 T, Wide-Bore SSNMR instrument, pairing the robust Phoenix NMR probe technology with Bridge12 Technologies components to complete the DNP package;
  • Combine DNP with HFXY and HFX probe configurations;
  • Optional Probe Accessories allow low-gamma nuclei and/or simultaneous H/F operation;
  • Operating Temperature Range is 90 K to 373 K (actual sample temperature is dependent on spinning speed);
  • 2.5 mm MASS Module is available for spinning speeds up to 25 kHz;
  • Insert and Eject Samples In-Situ at cold and warm temperatures;
  • Modest up-front Costs beat other commercially-available DNP probe systems;
  • Unique VT Design minimizes the use of cryogens to dramatically reduce operational costs.

PhoenixNMR DNP probe head, showing back of probe with sample insert/eject conduit

Full Phoenix DNP System Includes:

  • Phoenix NMR MAS-DNP wide bore (WB) HFXY or HFX probe including auto sample eject (low-gamma and simultaneous H/F accessories optional);
  • Phoenix NMR MAS speed controller;
  • Phoenix NMR VT cryogenic and sample insert/eject controller;
  • 50-liter LN2 dewar provides about 36 hours of operation at 90 K and can be refilled during operation;
  • Bridge12 Technologies Waveguide utilizing corrugated waveguide sections and a Focusing Lens directed perpendicular to sample coil for maximum DNP efficiency;
  • Bridge12 Technologies Cryogenic counter-flow heat exchanger;
  • Bridge12 Technologies fastwave gyrotron operating at 263 GHz (for 400 MHz instrument) or 395 GHz (for 600 MHz instrument) and controller.

Phoenix DNP probe utilizes a VT path directed to only the sample area to minimize cryogen use during operation.

Phoenix DNP Probe Performance

*Probe Performance Specifications are quoted for a Phoenix NMR 395 GHz/600 MHz DNP HFXY probe fitted with a 2.5 mm spinning module, utilizing a Bridge12 Technologies gyrotron, waveguide, and counter-flow heat exchanger. Other hardware configurations may result in different probe performance specifications. Request a quote for detailed specifications.

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