Elevating Your Science with a Wide Range of SSNMR Accessories

Phoenix MAS Speed Controller

Take Control of your spinning with the PMAS Controller.

Low Gamma Probe Accessory

Phoenix HXY, HX, and MAS-DNP probes can all be tuned as low as 8 MHz* with the low gamma accessory. *Smaller rotor modules and high magnetic fields may not tune quite as low. Request a probe quote for details.

Phoenix Rotors and Sample-Handling Tools

From sample kits for air-sensitive and biomolecular samples, to tools for sample packing and rotor kits, Phoenix supplies the sample-handling tools you need.

More accessories are available and coming soon to the website: High-power filters, add-on kits for closely-spaced nuclei (such as 17O/2H), and VT accessories.

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