Elevating Your Science

PhoenixNMR probes, accessories, and repair and engineering services elevate your science through proven application of state-of-the art technology and design. Our innovative modular probe technology provides customers with optimized tools for today’s science and the ability to react to tomorrow’s changing needs without starting over from scratch. Accessories, engineering and repair services tailor our expertise to your specific needs.


Full line of modular SSNMR probes and MAS-DNP probe to keep you focused on your science and not on your equipment.


From MAS control to high-power filters, sample handling kits, and more, PhoenixNMR accessories expand and enhance your scientific tool box.

Repair Services:

PhoenixNMR returns your older Chemagnetics, Agilent, or Varian SSNMR probes to their full experimental capacity.

Engineering Services:


Do you need something special for your state-of-the-art solid-state NMR experiments?
Do you have special sample-handling or filtering needs?
Perhaps in-situ capabilities?
Would you like to perform NMR on nuclei with closely-spaced NMR frequencies (such as 17O and 2H)?

Contact the PhoenixNMR team about your special requirements and the nature of your engineering project.

Phoenix Testing Videos

Testing Rotors to Destruction – So You Don’t Have To!

PMAS Controller Testing: Ramping to 20 kHz and Down with Bruker 3.2 mm Module. Testing Spin Profiles

“I have worked with the PhoenixNMR team for
many years. We have purchased a variety of MAS
NMR probes and I have been invariably impressed
with their probe products and service. The quality
of probe repair and service and the turnaround
time have met our most demanding expectations.”

Tatyana Polenova, Professor, University of Delaware

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