Low Gamma Capability on Any Probe

  • Fully compatible with all Phoenix HXY, HX, and MAS-DNP probes.
  • Provides access to low-gamma nuclei as low as 8 MHz.
  • With low-gamma accessory in place, the probe continues to function as an HX or HXY probe. (Drawing at right shows the accessory blocking the X-channel and H-channel RF connectors, but the accessory allows those channels to be operational).
  • Convenient design provides quick and efficient switching between normal probe tuning range and the low-gamma tuning range.

Additional Notes:

  • Small rotor modules and probes at high magnetic field may not tune to the lowest frequency of 8 MHz – ask Phoenix for specifics related to your probe.
  • Some instrument consoles may require additional external filters, depending on instrument design and isolation.

Low Gamma Probe Accessory

39K Nutation Curve at 28 MHz (14 T magnet)

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