Are you interested in doing routine solids NMR but don’t need all the performance that comes with the HXY Premium Probe?

Introducing the Phoenix HX probe, available in rotor sizes from 1.2 mm up to 6 mm for 300 MHz-700 MHz!

This affordable probe, which is about half the cost of the fully featured HXY probe, makes it easy to add solids to any existing standard bore liquids NMR system by bundling with a speed controller from PhoenixNMR.

The Proton channel can tune from 1H down to 19F and there is also a simultaneous H&F option. The X channel tunes from 15N to 31P.

Probe_BasePhoenix HX utilizes a similar VT delivery system as the PhoenixNMR HXY probe which gives minimal temperature offset and sample gradient. The probe is compatible with Jeol, Bruker, Varian/Agilent, or Tecmag NMR systems.