The most flexible probe on the market.

The HXY Premium probe line provides the end user with a highly unique opportunity to easily expand the capability in their probe garage. Through our innovative modular probe line, a customer can choose a probe for today’s science and still be able to react to tomorrow’s changing needs without having to start over from scratch. Let us use an example to explain:

For example, if a customer who wishes to run typical biological CPMAS-type experiments on low salt nonconductive samples such as an Alzheimer’s fibril, as well as a few applications requiring HFX/HFXY performance , then a 3.2mm NB HFXY probe capable of operating from -10 to +30 degrees C would be ideal. However, a year later a new project with a collaborator might find the same customer once again in need of new probe technology, this time to explore the interaction of fully deuterated microcrystalline protein preparations with a fluorine-containing drug candidate at -60C. Here the ideal experiments would involve 1H indirect detection and the probe of choice would be a 1.6mm NB HXY probe.

In the past, this situation would have required two complete probe purchases — one for the first project, and one for the second — both at full price. With the innovative modularity of the HXY Premium probe, however, the customer who bought our 3.2mm probe initially, now has the option to only need to purchase a new probe head, at approximately half the cost of a new probe. And making the switch is easy. With a simple action on the benchtop, the customer can release the old probe head and mount the new one, resulting in a probe with the full performance of a dedicated-probe at a significantly lower cost.

In addition, as the new experiments again require HF capability, the new probe head is fully capable of utilizing the original HFXY probe base’s capabilities. Plus, the new probe head could also have a dedicated deuterium channel capable of low power decoupling. Because the second probe head purchased had the 2H channel option added, the same 3.2mm HFXY original probe purchase has now been expanded to include 1.6mm HFXY + 2H a Penta resonant probe in NB (40mm) format with integral -50 to +150 VT range. Saying that this is truly an innovative probe is an understatement.