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PhoenixNMR signs agreement with Bruker Biospin

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PhoenixNMR LLC is very pleased to announce an agreement with Bruker Biospin for the supply of PhoenixNMR probes on new and upgrade Bruker systems.  Under the terms of the agreement, which is effective worldwide, Bruker will offer PhoenixNMR probes to supplement their solid state probe product line. PhoenixNMR will provide installation and warranty service on its probes.

The unique capabilities of PhoenixNMR to provide full broadband triple resonance probes, with the ability to tune to < 15MHz, and to add simultaneous H&F capability, all in a standard bore format is a powerful matchup with the capabilities of the Bruker Biospin console and magnet systems. Take your science to new heights tomorrow by starting a conversation today. Give your local Bruker salesperson a call and see what they can do for you.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. John Heinrich, the CEO of PhoenixNMR stated:

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to supply solid state NMR probes to Bruker.  Our ability to provide advanced probe performance in standard bore magnet systems will provide significant new research capabilities to Bruker customers.”

Dr. Werner Maas, President of the Bruker BioSpin MRS division, added:

“We are excited to be able to support the NMR community with the expanded solid state NMR probe offerings from PhoenixNMR. The combination of these advanced probes with the Avance III HD or the new Avance NEO systems will lead to the ultimate performance and flexibility in solid state NMR and support our drive to broaden the use of solid state NMR in structural biology and material science.”

New from the 2017 PANIC Meeting

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Your complete Solution for BioSolids Sample Packing

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PhoenixNMR is offering sample kits in 1.6, 3.2, and 4mm narrow bore rotor sizes. These sample kits work with all PhoenixNMR probes as well as Varian/Agilent narrow bore probes. Calibrate pulse widths, set magic angle, measure sensitivity, and check lineshape. They are a great way to validate your system and can be used in troubleshooting whether there is a system issue, a problem with a sample, or the probe. If your probe has a deuterium lock channel, we have a D2O rotor utilizing our BioSolids sample spacers. An additional rotor is available to initially shim on Proton that aids in final lineshape on 13C. Looking for a different size than what is listed? Ask us, and we can discuss your needs.  Click here for more information

ENC 2016 & New Product Availability

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Thank you to those who stopped by to see us at ENC in Pittsburgh.  We enjoyed hearing from all of you about the science that you are exploring and talking with you about how our products can help you achieve it.  Take a look below at our newest offerings and click here for a quote or more information.



Check out our Repair Services!!

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Need a probe repair?  We offer full service repair and testing to get you back online quickly.  Click here to get started on your repair

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1.6mm data posted

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Just added 600MHz 1.6mm with 2H channel data.  Check out this new data here or on our products page.

See you at ENC 2016!

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It has been an amazing inaugural year for Phoenix NMR and we’re eager to share our stories of success with everyone at this year’s ENC in Pittsburgh.

600MHz 3.2mm HXY Data Posted

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Just added 3.2mm HXY spectra at 600MHz.  Check out this new data here or on our products page.